Solar Pool Heating Equipment

The materials on the roof are one aspect of solar pool heating, another aspect is the other equipment that comes with it. This is equally as important as the solar matting or panels. The solar controller switches the system on and off based on the current pool temperature, outside temperature and the preferred swimming temperature. These are fully automated set and forget control systems that anyone can use. The pool pump provides water flow to the solar pool heating matting or panels. A flow of 120 to 170 litres per minute is perfect for both styles of heating. Hurlcon / Astral provide the perfect water flow to the pool heating and are sized based on multiple factors.

Solar Pool Pump

solar pool pump

At Pools Plus Solar we only use Hurlcon / Astral pool pumps. The e series we use in all our solar pool heating systems produces perfect water flow even on two and three storey projects. It provides all this at only 3/4Hp. Hurlcon / Astral spend a large proportion of profits to research and develop better pool equipment. With a 2 year in home warranty these pumps are the best value for money solar pumps in Australia.

Solar Controller

advanced solar pool controllerWhen it comes to solar controllers we lead the way. In conjunction with Ascon we utilise a solar controller much more advanced than the traditional controller and easier to use. No ‘roof sensor’ is required so there is no need to run a solar pool heating sensor wire to the roof of the solar. These exposed sensors often create issues due to the wire breaking underground, so avoiding a roof sensor alleviates all these issues. The advanced solar pool controllers are more efficient due to the hot sensor being able to detect water temperature coming back to the pool, not just the roof temperature. We still use a traditional controller when applicable or if requested.

Solar Manifolds

solar pool matting manifoldA solar manifold connects the flexible strip matting to the rigid PVC pipe. Often made from ABS and other less suited materials (and sometimes in developing overseas countries) these manifolds have inherit design flaws and develop leaks in a matter of years, sometimes less. All of our solar pool heating manifolds are proudly made in Australia to Australian Standards. They are made from Luran S, a material specifically developed to be used outdoors in high UV areas. Other companies coat their manifolds in Luran S, we produce the entire manifold from Luran S. We pride ourselves on the quality of the manifold systems we use as they are the most advanced manifold both in design and material manufacturing.