Techno Solis Solar Pool Panels

techno solis panel singleTechno Solis solar pool panels have a flat absorption plate with water channels below. The top plate heats up and transfers it to the water passing through the channels. This design has no gaps to reduce wind chill and insulated the warm water in the channels. This flat panel design has proven to be the most efficient solar pool heating panel on the market with a 10828 BTU rating. The design of the panel it to maximise heat gain while reducing heat loss.

One Part Construction

one part solar panelAll panels are manufactured differently with the most advanced panels using injection molding to produce a one piece panel with no weak points  Pools Plus Solar use Techno Solis panels due to the high quality of the polypropylene (with 30% more UV stabilizer than any other panel) and manufacturing process.  No welding means no weak points. 21 years of manufacturing to become the largest solar pool heating panel supplier in the world. Only the top 3 panel companies produce panels to this quality, with Techno Solis being the most affordable.

No need for silicone

solar panel strapsThrough many years of research, manufacturing and development, Techno Solis have produced a fixing system superior to all others. High quality ABS clips, superior canvas straps and a patented super clip system make for a silicone free install. Suitable for older roofs and painted roofs where the traditional system may damage the paint. The patented super clip system prevents the straps from splitting due to pressures and allow for a much cleaner installation. All solar pool heating panel installers should be using the Techno Solis clip strap system.