Solar Pool Matting

Solar pool matting was developed in Australia over 35 years ago in conjunction with the CSIRO who pioneered early EPDM solar hot water systems for showers. The idea was found to be flawed for its intended purpose however perfect for use in swimming pool heating and the early solar pool heating industry was born. Although we do not use EPDM (as PVC Nitrile is our material of choice) the principles are the same. Australian made solar matting is the most cost efficient and effective way to heat any pool in Perth and is our first choice for over 90% of solar installations.

Our Profile

solar pool matting profileYears of research into solar pool heating and our competitors, led us to develop our exclusive solar heating profile. A 10 tube, high profile punched PVC Nitrile. This is the most efficient solar strip matting available today. It is more expensive to manufacture than any other solar pool heating but the results speak for themselves. A 20% increase in efficiency over our competitors mid profile means that we can use less solar matting to achieve the same results. With a Pools Plus Solar system you can put 80% on a North facing roof and effectively heat your pool. This is great for those with limited north facing roof space and for those looking for the most effective pool heating material available. Why settle for a 25 year old design when today’s more advanced design is available at the same price?

PVC Nitrile – The difference

pvc nitrile chemistryAll solar matting is black, that is where the similarities end. The quality of the matting depends upon many factors. EPDM, Thermoplastic, Polypropylene, PVC and PVC Nitrile are the most commonly used materials today. The life of the system and part of the efficiency is dependent on what it is made from. EPDM is the ‘old technology’ and can lead to black stuff coming into the pool if the chemicals are not maintained properly so should be avoided. PVC and Thermoplastic should be avoided due to premature UV breakdown leading to leaks. Polypropylene is used for solar panels and is a quality material if manufactured correctly.

PVC Nitrile is a proven performer with more and more people turning to it for solar pool heating in Perth and the rest of Australia. PVC Nitrile is UV stable, resistant to chlorine and high and low PH. It is the perfect material to withstand Australia’s harsh climate and in particular Perth’s extreme UV which will destroy lesser solar pool heating systems. It has a 20 year life span with a 10 year warranty. It quickly and easily transfers the suns energy into your pool water. We use and recommend PVC Nitrile as our first choice for solar pool heating in Perth.

The Holes

solar pool heating matting holesThe holes punched in our matting is specifically designed to drain a solar system quickly after an ever increasing summer shower. This allows the matting to heat up faster and get working again in very little time. The holes allow for the silicone to come through and create a physical anchor point. This increasing the bond to the solar matting allowing us to offer a lifetime no-movement guarantee, the longest in the business.

Luran S Manifolds

solar pool matting manifoldA manifold is the part of the solar pool heating system that connects the flexible matting to the hard PVC pipe. This is the most common area for early degradation and failures in inferior systems. With this in mind Pools Plus Solar looked to a single part injection molded Luran S manifold. Each manifold is made from a polymer with the highest UV stability available. It is chlorine and acid resistant and will last the life of the matting. Luran S is a very strong and stable material but must not be glued, our unique design removes the need for glues to be used which weakens polymers over time. Instead a EPDM grommet is used to connect the manifold to the piping which is protected from the sun by the unique “wings” of the manifold.