Standard Controller
    standard solar pool controller

  • Easy to operate with + and – for temperature setting.
  • In built winter mode to flush the system and lubricate pump bearings
  • Tropical mode for areas needing to cool the pool
  • Simple manual override
  • Easy to read, long lasting LED digital display
  • All errors are displayed using simple codes for an easy fix
  • No flimsy plastic cover to lift and see under
  • Set and forget operation in a single click of a button
Advanced Controller
    advanced solar pool controller

  • All the features of the standard controller
  • In built timers to prevent early start / late finish
  • Calibration to work with gas heaters and heat pumps
  • Differential temperature settings for maximum control
  • Temperature of the water returning from the solar pool system
  • No roof sensor to run

Superior Design and Quality

Pools plus solar is always looking at innovative ways of improving our solar pool heating systems and in turn the average solar pool heating system in Perth. One way we have improved upon good ideas is to utilise a solar controller that requires no sensor on the roof. The roof sensor is the most likely to fail due to exposure to the elements and when it does fitting a new one can be very difficult. Our solar pool controllers alleviate this issue by placing both sensor at ground level into the pipe to the roof and from the roof. This way we can take a reading from the pool and from the water coming back from the solar. This is by far and away the most accurate way of measuring a pool heating systems efficiency and will increase the efficiency of your solar, increasing it’s temperature.

The advanced solar controllers also have in-built timers to prevent the system from running before or after it should. A calibration setting to synchronize with any existing heating system and a differential setting to control what temperature increase from the pool to the solar is required. All of this in a unit that is single touch operation.

All of our controllers are made from A grade ABS right here in Australia. The company has a 20+ year history of manufacturing solar controllers and we have seen controllers as old as 18 years still operational. That is why we only use Ascon control units with the advanced controller as our recommended product.