Solar Pool Matting

Solar Pool Panels

Solar Pool Matting


  • Australian made for Australia's Climate
  • Efficient , value for money system
  • Available in different colours
  • Flexible to follow roof contours
  • Custom built to suit roof shape
  • Features

  • One Part Injection Molded - No Weak Points
  • Vermin Resistant - Good for country areas
  • Easy to Install - Great for DIY
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Low Pressure - No Separate Pump Needed
  • Solar Pool Panels

    Matting Features


    • Custom built to suit any roof
    • Built in Australia to Australian Standards
    • 10 Year warranty from local solar pool heating manufacturer
    • Less expensive than solar pool heating panels
    • Available in a variety of colours
    • Originally developed with the CSIRO
    • Proven effective in Australia for more than 35 years
    Panels Features
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    • One Piece injection molded panel comes with a 10 year warranty
    • Less parts to assemble
    • Made in the U.S.A
    • Needs less water flow than strip matting solar pool heating systems
    • Easy to Install
    • No silicone required

    Matting Info

    Solar pool heating was developed in Australia with the CSIRO to form strip matting. Thirty five years on Pools Plus Solar uses only the latest in technology in the form of PVC Nitrile. This material was specifically developed for the use in solar pool heating. It is UV stable and unaffected by high chlorine levels (unlike EPDM). The materials we source have been manufactured by the same company (Boss Polymers) since 1991. We use only the biggest and best solar pool heating manufacturers in Australia to ensure you, the client, attains the highest quality heating system money can buy… at the best price.

    Panel Info

    Solar Pool heating panels have been manufactured in the USA for over 20 years. Techno Solis is the largest retailer of solar pool panels in the USA. They have a steadfast record of reliability and quality service. With the low US dollar these panels have become more affordable and are competitive with the cheaper Indian and Chinese made panel systems. If you are looking for a solar pool heating system using panels then this is the answer.